Schaeffer House


Schaeffer House - which now has a National Trust classification was built around 1900 and was originally named “Kia Ora”. It was the home of Mr F. W. C. Schaeffer who became the first City Architect in 1909.

The workmanship and fittings are very fine and some of the finishing was done by Mr Schaeffer h

F. W. C Schaeffer

Owner / Builder of Schaeffer House and first Grafton Architect.

imself. No water was laid on as he thought it might ruin the foundations.

After changing hands several times and being turned into flats, it was bought on 26th November 1966 and faithfully restored by the Grafton City Council to house the records and material collected by the Clarence River Historical Society.

Mrs Schaeffer was a noted gardener and the grounds in the early days were very fine, with statues, a sunken garden and rare plants. One very large tree that is still standing is a Norfolk Island Hibiscus.

Mr Schaeffer was a fine singer as was one of his sons, Ludwig. The people of Grafton gave Ludwig a complimentary concert before he left for Germany to further his career as a singer. He eventually made his home in Germany.


Schaeffer House - Drawing Room

Schaeffer House - Main Bedroom

Schaeffer House - Mildred Dougherty Library

Schaeffer House - Part of our Photo Display

Schaeffer House - An Overview of part of the Back Room

Schaeffer House - Dining Room

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