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Grafton Grammar School, Mary Street, Grafton. c.1890's. - Photo by Carl Ehlers.

Extracted from : "The City of Grafton" a 1981 CRHS Publication.


The original Grammar School was started in 1874 by Rev. Newton with 13 pupils who boarded at the Vicarage. In 1878, the new brick building was started in Mary Street.

Rev. Newton sold the school to Mr. Mclnnes who engaged Havelock Ellis as his assistant but died before he arrived and Havelock Ellis found himself, at 18 years of age, the Headmaster 1877-8. In later life he became a noted English author.

Girls were admitted as day pupils in 1882. The building finished as a school in the late 1890ís and became a private residence. The whole area was later purchased by the Department of Education and the foundation stone of Graftonís noted High School was set by Sir Gerald Strickland, Governor of New South Wales, on 6th May, 1914.

The old school was used as the Headmasterís residence and in 1972 became the Teacherís Centre.


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