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First Church built by Rev. A. E. Selwyn in 1854 Crn. Victoria and Duke Streets, Grafton

Extracted from one of our Publications:

"Grafton and the Early Days on the Clarence"


In 1847 the Diocese of Newcastle was formed which included all the territory north of Newcastle and the whole of Queensland. Grafton was the headquarters of a Parish which included the Clarence, Richmond and Tweed districts. Dr. William Tyrell was the first Biship to visit here coming on horseback from Newcastle, via Armidale. He held a confirmation service in the Old Court House in 1850.

1868 saw the formation of the diocese of Armidale and Grafton, Bishop Sawyer being the first Bishop. His home was formerly the home of William Kirchner, below the present cemetery. After conducting a service in the old church built in 1854 on the corner of Duke and Victoria Streets he was returning home by boat when almost in sight of home the boat sank and he was drowned.


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